K's Kitchen- Pune- Reviewed

K’s Kitchen has some interesting things to offer with no added sugar and a variety of salad dressings and sandwich spreads, keeping in mind the taste and convenience factor for the new generation with no compromise on health and quality.

K’s Kitchen is a brain child of Karen Anand and her Sons Param and Sasha. The Factory is located in Pune itself. The whole product range is available in the following cities : Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Coimbatore, Ooty, Pondicherry, Chennai & Kolkata. These yummy products can be ordered through the online sales partners like Amazon.in, Snacked.in, Tastebells.com, Shophop.co.in, Foodmemories.com, and Engrave.in.

I got a chance to try their Singapore Chilli Sauce (125/-) and the WholeGrain Mustard Sauce.(125/-)

First Impression of the Product: Beautifully packed in a glass bottle. The product is visible enough.

Taste: First I tried the Singapore Chilli Sauce in Noddles with fresh vegetables and it turned out to be really good in all the terms, like Taste, Colour, Aroma, and the most important is the spice level. The Thickness of the Sauce is perfect to get mixed up with noddles and give away the taste evenly.

Wholegrain Mustard Spread: The spread is so fresh and had the strong and dominating Pungent taste of Mustard. This was used homemade Bombay style Toast sandwich and this gave a nice twist to the overall taste. I added a cheese slice to tone down the flavour. The only thing you need to keep in mind is while adding it add it cautiously and as per the taste buds because of the Freshness and the purity of the Sauce.

The whole product range can be seen on the

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or ordered by calling on 020 41231322 / 23.

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