Oregano -Restaurant Review

Oregano is one of the restaurant at Ambience hotel Model colony which serves pure Veg Italian Cuisine.

Apart from their regular menu they also have an option of Italian Set Buffet system with limited desserts option, but every thing is served on the table you don’t have to run around.

They serve the Indian cuisine as well from the Aroma Restaurant which is an rooftop restaurant. So it’s a kind of a package deal.

We opted for the set menu which has the following:

Soups: Two variants: Minestrone- perfect combination of fresh seasonal vegetables, Basil, Pasta and Parmesan Cheese in hot and tangy Tomato Broth.


Cream Of Broccoli: Thick and fresh broccoli with added cream which gave creamer and soothing taste to it.


Salads: Italian Salad: Fresh Lettuce, Apple, Diced Carrots, Cucumber, Pineapple chunks, for the spice some freshly cut bell peppers, dressed with Honey Dijon’s Mustard. Overall a healthy package. #Unlimitedservings


Starters: Bruschetta Al Pomodoro: Simple and basic style of serving, French Baguette topped with fresh Tomato, Basil, drizzled olive oil, garlic and feta cheese. #Unlimitedservings

Cajun Spiced Potato: Potato Wedges, flavoured with rosemary tossed in Cajun sauce, bit on the oiler side but taste wise it’s good. #Unlimitedservings

Pizza: it’s a kind of DIY pizza with any number of toppings on the 10′ thin crust, they good option to choose from the list of toppings. You can request them to drizzle less olive oil with toppings, the pizza which was served to us had this issue which was informed to the courteous manager who was ready to change it immediately. Crust wise it was perfect not over or under baked. #Unlimitedservings

Pasta: Again on the Similar lines of Pizza, this was DIY or create your own pasta, with the options of Basic, Pink, Arrabbiata, Alfredo, and Basil Pesto sauce. Along with your voice of pasta and the vegetables to add on. We opted for the penne in pink sauce with some fresh veggies. Nice and cheesy.

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse: Smooth and served with chocolate chips. Nice and perfect in taste not too sweet not to bland. #LimitedServing.


Pannacotta (STRAWBERRY): Served in a cup so couldn’t figure out how wobbly it was was but while taking the scoop it was light and smooth enough. Taste wise it was not that mouth melting but ok types.
Strawberry part was just the top layer and again it was just the Strawberry flavour jelly which was added to it while setting up the Pannacotta.




Food: It was good although apart from some if and buts but definitely worth a try.

Service: Pretty quick no issues.

Staff: Very polite and courteous.

Ambience: Perfect for the family and group. Comfortable sitting area, clean ambience.

Value for money: very reasonable. The above menu was 550/- ++ which comes to 595/- per person. It’s a worth a deal.


Address: The Ambience Hotel, CTS 1105/2, Lakaki Road, Model Colony, Pune.

Contact: 020 30189929

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