An Arabian Ecstasy at Ignite Bar and Grill, Courtyard by Marriott, Hinjewadi

An Arabian Ecstasy’ crafted by expert in Arabian cuisine, Chef K. K. Gopalkrishnan from Sheraton Grand Bangalore.

We were invited to taste the delicacy and Enjoy the grand feast inspired from the cuisines of Iran, Lebanon and Egypt as you sip innovative crafted by the award winning mixologist. 

Lets begin with the journey of some Arabian legendary dishes: 

Soups: Soup-a-jo its a classic Persian barley soup, Barley is high in fibre, great source of Iron, folate and Magnesium along with some finely chopped veggies wilted to the perfect consistency. Excellent soup for the winters and light on the stomach. 


Falafel: Crispy pattie of mashed chickpea and parsley seasoned with sesame seed and garlic, served with tahini sauce. This could have been bit more moist but taste wise it was good. 



Persian Seekh kebab: Cottage cheese and bell pepper marinated with aromatic dry Arabic spices, The aroma of the rich Arabian spices can be felt with every bite. #Musthave 


Mezze platter: Burani spinach, fattush salad, mumharra, Hummus,  baba ganoush and Iranian olive salad served with pitta bread, Very colourful six bowls of the authentic Mezze Platter which we enjoyed the most. 



Veg salons: Vegetables slowly cooked in arabic style served with Baghali polo Iranian Dill and saffron pulao. Tomato based Stew wherein the mix veggies were slowly cooked with all the dry spices available from the Iran. Taste wise it was bit bland but the Arabian cuisine have rich in aromatic flavours from the dry spices available in their region. 


Desserts: BakLava with Dates Ice-Cream and Om Ali: Om Ali is a traditional Egyptian dessert, 100% Egyptian.This dish, Om Ali (Mother of Ali) has some unsavoury history. It probably the most famous and traditional Egyptian warm dessert. Om Ali is the Egyptian equivalent to bread and butter pudding and is normally made with puff pastry combined with a load of heavy cream with added nuts and dried fruits. Coming to to the dish… It was served warm and Mouth melting with perfect sweetness. 

BakLava with Dates Ice Cream: Baklava’s origin is still unknown or debatable but, in todays worlds the recipe hasn’t change much, but the addition has been made to enhance the presentation, keeping the taste intact. Baklava is a Flaky pastry made with Filo dough converting it into a thin sheets and pasted with butter and baked it with crunchy nuts sweetened with honey filling. Topped with the Dates Ice-Cream Wow !!! that was just heaven. #MustHave. 

Along with amazing food we also got to taste some of the in house Signature Cocktails from Award Winning Mixologist Sanket Tiwari’s Ginger Martini which was the best till date.  


It was a great experience overall and had a good conversation with the head Chef and the other foodies on the table.

Thank You to Arundhati for inviting us and Chef Gopalkrishnan, Chef Bhushan and Team Ignite for hosting us.

The Arabian Ecstasy Food Festival is on till the 9th February from 7:00 PM till 1:30 AM.

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*Note: Some pictures were provided by the CYMarriott. 

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