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Four Fountains Labs is based on the inherent philosophy that it is possible to live healthy, full of vitality upto and beyond the age of 100. Most of the diseases today are chronic diet-related and stress-induced diseases. And research has shown that it is possible to prevent and also reverse these diseases with the help of right replenishment of key nutrients and managing stress. Based on this belief, we have used the advances in science to design products that will help us live a healthy, disease-free and long life.

Today, the chronic diet-related and stress-induced diseases are growing at an alarming rate. And for some of the diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disorders etc., Indians are at a much higher risk. Four Fountains Labs has designed these products that help reduce nutrient deficiencies and manage stress for a healthy and disease-free India

Products Details: 


1. 8 A.M. Boost – for reducing tiredness and fatigue

Commuting to work places, working for 10 to 12 hours daily, and handling a lot of work pressure, makes every working professional living in a metro city tired mentally and physically. A general feeling of being unwell or low energy can result in fatigue that needs to be managed in time. 

8 am boost contains two protein components L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, and vitamin C, all of which work together to improve blood circulation naturally and increases energy levels. A perfect natural remedy to beat fatigue!

8 AM Boost should be taken by everyone in the morning for full day energy.

How to use:

Open a sachet and pour the contents into a glass. Add 200 ml cold/normal water and your 8 AM Boost is ready.


2. 6X Green Tea – for flushing out toxins and weight loss

Obesity and weight gain is one of the biggest problem of urban India. 6X green tea is infused with high potency antioxidant that boosts metabolism and protects the body against free radicals oxidative stress. The antioxidant potential of 6X Green Tea is 6 times higher as compared to normal green tea.  Thus it is much more effective than normal green tea for weight loss.

Exposure to pollution, medicines, eating too much junk food and stress, altogether increase level of toxins in the body in the form of free radicals. The free radicals are reported to be the precursor for almost all lifestyle disorders including heart disease, cancer and diabetes

Consumption of 6X green time on regularly increases antioxidant levels in the body and flushes the toxins out. The best part it is devoid of caffeine and so can be consumed daily.

For any other green tea to be effective, you need to consume 4-5 cups in a day. With 6X Green Tea you just need to have one cup and that provides you all the antioxidants you need for a day.

How to use:

Open a sachet and pour the contents into a cup. Add 150 ml hot water and your 6X Green Tea is ready.

Product Review:

  • 8 A.M. Boost: This Small sachet contains magic with refreshing and tangy taste which kills the fatigue and give you a kick start for the upcoming day. This Drink has essential amino acids and loads of Vitamin C which helps you to get recharged for the day in minutes.

Drink Colour: refreshing yellow. 

Taste: Tangy, Lemony and perfectly sweetened.

Post Consumption: Refreshed and Energetic. 

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8 A.M. Boost 


  • 6X Green Tea (Lemon): Innovative way of making and drinking Green tea, the sachet weights about just 2.75g which detoxify the liver from harmful oxidative radicals and improves metabolic abnormalities associated with glucose and lipids, which helps to built up an heathy heart in long run.

Colour: Golden in Colour 

Taste : Lemony with soothing and refreshing. 

Post Consumption: Energetic and refreshed. 

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Conclusion: I highly recommend to use products and here are the some information links for your help.  

Four Fountain Labs Product Review. 


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