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SIRKA Review: 




Sirka means Vinegar in Hindi. This place is tucked in the by lane of Baner-Pashan Link road. Small outlet but serving delicious food. The owner himself with an IT background quit his job to concentrate on his passion full-time and created a brand a called “Sirka”. He is very jovial and happy go lucky person at the same time he is very serious when it come to quality, quantity and service is concern. 

There was an invite for two, from the Marketing person and the owner himself for food tasting. We fixed up an date and time and the table was reserved for us. 

We started the evening with warm Soups, 

  1. Veg Manchow Soup: Generally if you have Manchow soup in other restaurant at times it happens that the spiciness and the quantity of ginger is more which gives you a burning sensation through out, but this soup was so perfectly made which had controlled spiciness and the ginger quantity was as well balanced the overall taste of the soup. #MustTry. 
  2. Lemon Coriander Soup: Warm coriander infused water with a lemon and some finely chopped boiled vegetables. This soup has the delicate flavours from the stock and the vegetables. The carrot and squash give it a mild sweetness that balanced the lemon and the chili perfectly. Surely, something comforting to whet your appetite in the winters and a healthy dish to add to your repertoire for the other times of the year. This soup had no cornstarch added to it which made more healthier option. 
  3. Starters : We asked the staff which is the best Veg Starters ( Indian) he suggested the Panner Nawabi Tikka: Nice big square pieces of Panner marinated and perfectly cooked in tandoor and served with sprinkled chaat masala and grated Cheese. Chaat Masala has it’s own strong flavours including the salt content, due to which it was tasting bit salted, which was informed.
  4. Main Course: Paneer Lababdar and Veg Jalfrezi: Lababdar Paneer was soft and was  creamy and aromatic. Cottage cheese cooked with tomato puree, varied spices, kasoori methi and a hearty dollop of cream and butter #MustHave.
    Vegetable Jalfrezi: is an amazing dish made with a combination of various vegetables and spicesJalfrezi is also known as Zalfrezi or Jhal frezi and is a favorite dish among the vegetarians. A mildly spiced colorful curry packed with goodness of Mixed vegetables in tomato base. Soft Paneer, crunchy bell peppers and distinctive vegetable flavors makes it a mouth-watering side dish for Roti. The curry is not a liquid gravy type dish but kind of semi solid gravy that coats the vegetables and Paneer. #Recommended 
  5.  Dal Khichadi: Thats the perfect dish to end the Main course.  Hot, Flavourful, and Soothing with a dollop of butter to it. #MustTry
  6. Desserts: We ordered Gulab Jamun: Three Medium size hot and mouth melting Gulab Jamun… they were so soft, we actually tried hard to take bite but failed !! #Musthave

We had finished the dinner but just before that Rohan insisted to try the Brownie Breaker one of the favourite of Sirka.  Warm Walnut brownie, bit crunchy and with two scoops of Vanilla Ice cream. We could have missed it if Rohan didn’t have insisted. #Musthave

To sum it up.. Value for money and Amazing quality and Delicious food… 

***In Afternoon they do have Small Value Combos and Wraps which are not only just pocket friendly but filling as well. 

Sirka’s Journey started a year and half ago with lot of alteration and changes in the menu were done. But current menu is the best and crisp. they have included all the items which are ordered and are favourite of any restaurant goers. They might not have any fancy looking dishes or exotic items to serve, but menu has the best items which are frequently  ordered.   


Food: Quality and Quantity was perfect and the Taste and authenticity was also intact. 

Service and Staff: Pretty good no issues at all. 

Ambience: Small but really comfortable sitting area. 

Value for Money: Purely pocket friendly if you look from the point of view of the quantity they are serving. 

Thank you Team Sirka for Hosting us. 


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