Chutney Sauce Murabba – Reviewed.

**** Multiple Visit Review **** 

CSM – Chutney Sauce Murabba is a very unique food joint/Restaurant. Its has Mouth watering Fusion dishes, Fusion Dishes which we can’t imagine as well…. I bet you won’t regret to try it at least once.
The place had a went under nice renovation with increased sitting arrangement…. and very lively and vibrant colours on the walls, nice and youth-full interiors, perfect place for catch up with old buddies and have lip smacking food.
Coming to the Orders till date:
1. Gobidaar (120/-):  One of the nice paratha, not oily no big Dollop of butter or Makkan, no Fancy things but tastewise  really good with enough stuffing of the patata Gobi sautéed in the Indian Spices. Served with Fresh Curd, sweet Murabba and Pickle. Two parathas are  served although they not big but really filling.
2. Aloodaar (120/-): This is all time favourite paratha, served with Fresh Curd, Tangy Mint Chutney and Berry pickle. Aloo stuffing can be increased as at the edges you just feels like you are having wheat roti.
3. CSM Special Pav Bhaji (120/-) #MustHave : The Pav Bhaji here is served is very different, Pav are the round Grilled Pav with loads of butter and the Bhaji is made from their own spices so it has a really different taste, and not like the regular Pav Bhaji Joint. They claim it is made in a healthy way, and I too could feel from it as there was no extra greasiness on Pav as well as the Bhaji. Kids would love this dish. #HighlyRecommended
4. Panner Tikka Sandwich (170/-): The disappointed me a bit as it was just the Panner Tikka Masala was stuffed between the brown Bread and grilled. Not an outstanding dish In my opinion.
5.   Masala Fries  (100/-) #MustHave: Uniquely served in a small basket with their special Sauce/dip,  kids really loved it…. Masala sprinkled on it played a good role in tickling the taste buds. #Recommended. 
6. Veggie Satay(160/-): One of the starters/sides can be ordered,  its a roasted broccoli,  Zucchini and Bell pepper marinated in Curry leaf and other Indian Spices. Curry leaf has its own strong aroma and which is takes over other Spices. It is served with Pineapple Chutney/Murabba.
7. Nacho Nacho (150/-) #MustHave: This has its own recipe…. Nachos are made of Rajgira-Amaranth Grain it simply means “immortal” or “everlasting” in Greek because it contains more than three times the average amount of calcium and is also high in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and it is the only grain which contains Vitamin C. Sounds Healthy!!! Nachos are topped with cheese sauce and Olives along with Tangy Tomato Salsa. This is a obviously #HighlyRecommended #SignatureDish.
8. Iron Man (Sandwich) (170/-) #MustTry: Tomato, Fresh green Spinach leaf,  Mozzarella Cheese, Mayo,  some Peanut Chutney for the twist these all tucked in Grilled Multigrain Bread. #HealthyFood
9. Curritos (Wrap) (170/-) #MustTry: As the name suggests its a fusion of curried rice with Capsicum, onion,  CSM Special dressing,  Mozzarella Cheese Wrapped in Methi Roomali (thin) roti which is Grilled. This also has a Non-Veg Version of its own. #Recommended. 
10. Curried Rice With grilled Panner (210/-) #MustHave: This dish is for Spicy lovers, the curry is hot and spicy served with rice sautéed in the Indian spices with big piece of grilled Panner slab tucked into the rice. You really need to have enough space to finish this dish by yourself. Strong aromatic Indian spices makes this dish really yummy. #HighlyRecommended.
11. Indo Thai Curry Rice ( 220/-) #MustHave #Thaifoodlovers: Its a Fusion of Thai Green Curry with an twist of Indian Tadka to it,  Served with Rice tossed with herbs and the not to forget the Papad Churi…. this is a really good. #HighlyRecommended. 
12. Masala Thumps Up and Fresh Lemonade: Masala Thumps up is nice to have along with all the above mentioned food.
Food: Altogether its a Fusion food with yummy taste to it. CSM has its own taste which cannot be compared with anyone. All the Food is served hot and real quick in a Disposable and EcoFriendly Dishes (Except the Curred Rice) Which I personally appreciate them.
Service: Real prompt and attentive staff. No Issues at all.
Staff: Happy to serve you, recommend you to choose from the menu,  Neatly dressed.
Ambience: Small place but comfortable table arrangement,  Good music plays in the background,  Urban and trendy interiors.
Value for money: Really worth spending.
Parking: Ample Roadside parking is Available.
USP : Don’t forget to ask for the Different types of Murabba’s and Chutney’s they have. You will love it. Please refer the Pics for reference.




Address: Shop 4, Echelon Society, Opposite Regent Plaza, Baner-Pashan Link Road, Baner, Pune

Contact No: 020 65303000/ 020 60221000

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