Tales & Spirits – Review

**Multiple Visit Review**

T&S is one of the Pune’s legendary joints which serves Pure Vegetarian delicious and in house crafted dishes.
This place is tucked in and away from the busy Senapati Bapat road. This joint is almost full house no matter which time and day of the week it is…As I got this information from one the staff. Lot of expats and young crowd few of their attendees.
Coming to the Menu tried and tasted…..
1. Safe sex on the Beach: One of the signature Mocktail consists Cranberry juice, grape juice, cherry and fresh peach dipped into it, with a nice refreshing sweet & sour in taste. I bet you can’t have just one!!!
2. Farmers bar snacks or Cigars: Crispy and golden brown with melted cheese within makes this one of my favourite. And not forget the dip which is served with it is just finger licking good. The taste of Jalapeños and Mozzarella Cheese is so well matched up, which completes the dish.
3. Gnocchi’s with Feta & wild Mushrooms:  Not much fan of Mushrooms although, Feta played a good role to tickle my taste buds. Nice and fresh Gnocchi are soft dough dumplings tossed in Feta Cheese which melts on the tongue.
4. T&S Pot Fondue #Musthave #SignatureDish : It’s a combination of four Classic Cheese melted  in wine and served with Pesto flavoured Croutons. ‘Fondue’ means To Melt in French. The Cheese used are Gruyère, Emmenthal, Grana Padano and Yellow Cheddar Cheese melted in a Caquelon or Fondue pot. This dish wins the heart of a foodie.
5. Purple Potato & RoseMary Pizza: At a first glance this Pizza looks very colourful and when you take the first bite of it, you realise about its freshness and every bite there after as well. Every ingredients has its own taste which enhances the pizza overall. #MustHave.
6. Wine Cheese & Popcorn Soup #SignatureSoup #Musttry: Again very unique recipe, aromatic and tasty soup served with Crispy French bread. The uniqueness of this soup is it’s spicy Popcorns which are just added before serving, which gives you the crunchiness and the spice plays a good companion with the hotness of the soup. This soup has a mixture various cheese and corn puree acts as the thickening agent.
7. Jacket Potato:  Potato baked with the Mexican spicy Stew in the pocket which includes Beans as a major ingredient along with Bell peppers and other fresh vegetables, Served steaming hot.  Basically the Vegetarian version of Mexican Chilli Con Carne is usually called as  Chilli Non Carne. This dish is very filling for two people.
8. Thai Jungle Veg Curry #MustTry for the Thai lovers:  A Big bowl of Thai Curry with fresh and chunky vegetables served with Rice around the outer bottom of Curry bowl. In my opinion Rice quantity can be increased a bit to make it a filling for two. Thai curry’s consistency was perfect with all the aroma attached to it.
9. Banoffee Oreo:  Banoffee simply means Banana with toffee Pie. This Dessert has a layer of Oreo Biscuits as a Base with a Caramel (works as a toffee agent) topped with Fresh ripen Coffee (flavoured) Banana on the cream…. Hmmm its a its a mixed bag of crunchy, nutty, melting, and spongy baked to perfection.
10. Baklava & Butterscotch #Musthave : Baklava’s origin is still unknown or debatable but, in todays worlds the recipe hasn’t change much, but the addition has been made to enhance the presentation, keeping the taste intact. Baklava is a Flaky pastry made with Filo dough converting it into a thin sheets and pasted with the Olive oil and baked it with crunchy nuts sweetened with honey filling. To enhance the taste a scope of  Butterscotch Gelato and Spun sugar ball is placed on top for the presentation. While taking a bite take it from the top of the Gelato till the end of the Baklava…. then its total bliss… I bet you,  you will say Hmmmm!!!
(If your lucky you will see the making of Spun sugar ball, You need to be really a Culinary expert.)
11. Roasted Carrot & Coriander Soup:  This is the perfect soup for winters. Its a Healthy and warm soup with a drizzled Chilli oil blends so well with the taste of the overall soup.
12. Falafel & Pita Pockets :  Triangle shaped freshly made pita pockets filled with the Falafel and salad served with Hummus. Salad can be added to increase the juiciness to Pita bread.
13. Chipotle Chilli Attack #MustTry: One of the Spiciest pasta on the menu. Pretty good quantity for two. Hot and spicy, make sure you also order their Country Lemonade to ease your fire.
14. Mediterranean Pressed Focaccia: Focaccia Bread comes from the Pizza family,  the baking process is this bread is very similar to the pizza base making. Just in addition to this bread,  you find Black olives,  herbs which are infused while baking. This Sandwich has fresh beetroot, Caramelized Onion,  Lettuce with Goat cheese. They also serve hot and crispy fries. Excellent Platting is done. #MustTry.
Food : I don’t think anyone need any more explanation. Its a heavenly place for the Vegetarians.
Service: Amazingly fast… No issues at all.
Staff: Very polite,  Happy to help, Courteous.
Ambience: Nice mix of Urban and fresh and bright colours on the walls make this place very lively.
Value for Money: Really worth spending for the lovely food.
Parking: Should not be an issue. bakalavabakalava2banoffeetartcarrot-soupchipotle-chili-attackcigarscountry-lemonadefonduegnocchis-with-feta-wild-mushroomsjacket-potatojacketpotato1mediterranean-pressed-focacciamediterranean-pressed-focaccia1mediterranean-pressed-focaccia2pita-pocketspizzapizza1popcorn-soupsex-on-the-beachspun-sugar-ballspun-sugar-ball2thaicurrythaicurry1thaicurry3

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