Double Roti – Unique Cocktails and Bar Finger Food Menu Tasting


Double Roti has started its full bar menu and some finger licking food from 23rd Nov. 

We as #FriendsofTheBteam were invited for tasting the upcoming and yummiest finger food which compliments the newly launched bar menu along with mouthwatering desserts. 

Coming directly to the Menu spread for the evening (tried and tasted): 


1. Apple & Cinnamon Sangria: The Aromatic Spice infused in the Apple Flavoured Sangria compliments so well that this will be one of the Favourite drink for all the Sangria lovers. #Recommended

2.Cranberry & Pomegranate Sangria : Nice Blood red colour with the sweet and sour taste along with wine warmth makes it a perfect for any season. #Recommended.  

3.Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita: Freshness and coolness of cucumber and  Jalapeno’s spiciness with Salted glass rim makes this very uncommon from the regular Margarita’s. After having first sip you get the freshness of cucumber first and then the warm feeling of the Jalapeno while it passes through the taste buds. 

Finger Foods:

1. Tomato Basil Bruschetta: Basic Bruschetta with fresh Tomato and basil placed on a french loaf.

2. Caramelised Onion & Feta Bruschetta: For me this was the showstopper. Perfectly Caramelised onion with a Feta’s tangy and salty taste which actually enhanced the taste of the onions. Perfect Dish to start with. #HighlyRecommended 

3.  Mushroom Bites: Tooth pick bites were easy to pick and gallop in between sips. Perfectly marinated with spice and deep fried till crispy golden brown. Non-Mushroom eaters as well can finish off the whole portion these are so yummy!! #Recommended.

4. Loaded Nachos: Crispy Nachos topped with Cheese Sauce, Fresh finely chopped Tomato’s, Onions, Jalapeños and Cilantro along with Salsa Sauce made this dish into #Musttry category.

5. Cheeseling Bhel: Cheeseling can also be so interesting just came to know when I took a spoon from it.  Served in a paper cone along with Finely Chopped onion, Tomato and green chillies, sprinkled with tangy chaat masala… #Musttry. 


1. Double Trouble: This burger was just Juicy and tasty right from the first bite. Looking at the portion size one is not enough as the size is bit small although it depends on individual appetite. 

2.Tiki Tiki Bun Bun: I personally didn’t find anything innovative, it had just the regular taste tikki with some salad on it. 


1. Brownie with Ice Cream : Nice n Warm Walnut brownie with a Scoop of Ice Cream was good comparing to the other restaurants.  

2. Blondie  with Ice Cream: It was bit on a harder side at the first bite itself. 

3. Creme Brulee : This comes from the custard family in the base topped with a contrasting thin layer of hard Caramel. It was mouth melting. 

Other details : 

  • They gonna have live music performance on every Wednesday  and Saturdays. 
  • They have Happy hours through out the day. (2 + 1 Offer).
  • Pricing- 800/- for two People (Approx) with Alcohol
  • 160/- for a pint of a Beer.

Contact Details: Address: Double Roti,

Ground Floor, Shop no. 1 Lunkad Sky Max, Dutta Mandir Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune.

For reservation call : 020- 30189237

Twitter:  @eatdoubleroti

Instagram: doubleroti

Thanks Double Roti for hosting us and amazing live Music performance.  

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