Cream Stone- Ice-Cream review. 

This is not just an Ice cream joint it’s the heaven for the ice cream lovers. No matter which ever the season may be having an ice cream here is pure bliss…. This was on my to do list for quite some time last week got an opportunity to drop in…. It was almost 10:30pm and the temperature was around 17 degrees but the place was jam pack.
As you enter the place on your right hand side there’s the preparation table. Where the ice cream is made right in front of you. 
As they say “Freeze your Imagination” very true when you see your ice cream is chopped, while adding some fresh and exotic fruits of your choice, with some pure Belgium chocolate, chopped right in front of you without melting and it is served in a freshly made waffle cup…. Only one word can describe it “Heaven”
They also have exotic flavours like Ferro Choco, Oreo cookies, Choco Roco, Fruit Exotica and many more till your imagination can work. They have taken care of Diabetics and Calorie conscious ice cream lovers by offering sugar free and low calorie ice creams. This chain has its branches in Hyderabad and Mumbai. 
The order for today was : (Taxes extra) 

Initially we were trying to get hold of Fresh Strawberry but unfortunately due to weekend rush Strawberries were out of stock. So we settled for this:  

1. Creamy red velvet ₹99/-: This was pure red velvet cake mixed or rather chopped with the ice cream served within the freshly made waffle Cup Cone.  

2. Brownie break ₹130/-: Nice,soft, mouth melting, total blissful, especially for those who love chocolate.  

3. Lichee Berry ₹99/- (Take Away): This thing was kept out of my reach, never got the hands on it. Promised myself next visit will try this first and the strawberry. 

Ice-Creams: Wow that’s the one word when you see your ice cream is made right in front of you and Hmmmmm this is what you do when you have the first spoonful of bliss. 
Service: Amazingly super fast no matter how busy is the counter is. 
Staff: Clean, nice, helping, happy to serve you. 
Ambience: This outlet is divided into three sections. Ground floor enclosed, upper floor with lazy bean bags, and the outer section open to sky. 
Value for money: Now a days the definition of ice cream have changed, this type of ice cream comes under the luxury ice cream joints. But it’s worth spending. 


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