Dravida’s Bistro- Organic Dakshin Cuisine – Restaurant Review. 

Dravida’s bistro was on my Wishlist from long time. Got an opportunity to visit them post Christmas. 
Initially we were searching for Sunday brunch but failed to narrow down the list. So decided to go out of the Sunday Brunch list and landed here. 
The commercial premises where this bistro is located has many other renowned brands of restaurants as well including the Mainland China and Sigree. 
The premises have their own pay and park facility for the customer visiting. 

We reached there around 12:45 or so. As you enter the bistro you will get the feel of both the world…. traditional and modern interiors. Very nicely done, nice and openness arrangements of sitting with semi open kitchen. 

We were guided to our table near the big black board of menu with nice dim lights ample enough for the each table. 

On the table one thing, I liked was an earthen water bottle. 

Menu card was handed over us…. To my surprise it was kind of Make your own dish format. You have to choose what goes into the salads and the main dishes, which I like you can choose your own kind of taste and you order and that will be served in a small portion on our your table. Each item you choose has rates which will be added and the final bill will be generated. Nice and innovative way of designing the menu. 
Our order for the lunch was like this: 

 1. Salad– we selected the following- Vegan-Chinese Cabbage-Tomatoes-Beetroot-Sprouts-Cauliflower-Carrots. ₹100/- Awesomely tasty, didn’t expect that such common and fresh ingredients will make this salad so healthy. 



 2. Idli-Traditional-Podi-Mixed Vegetables ₹60/- Nice and steaming hot served with authentic sambar and chutney.   



 3. Paniyaram Khara/stuffed-₹55/- We commonly know by the name of “Appe” nice golden brown served with chutney. Nicely Plated.  

 In Mains
 1. One Neer Dosa ₹35/- 

 2. Two Kerala Parota ₹30/- 

  3. Avial-Small ₹25/- 

 4. Kurma -Small ₹25/-  


 5. Dravida’s Clay pot Biryani -Half ₹90/- This is must have types, with all the Garam masala’s aroma intact due its earthenware pot.  


 6. Curd Rice -Half ₹50/- Again a winner of the day, I liked the most was the tadka which included the small size of Urad dal nicely fried in oil, till it turns golden brown without letting it crystal hard. This is very important when you fry this dal. This shows that how the chef are taking their job seriously!!  


Beverages and Desserts
 1. Payasam ₹55/- Mouth melting and tempting to have more.  


 2. Two Butter Milk ₹20/- each served in glass bottle, innovative way to serving.  


3. Degree Coffee ₹30/- The best!!!  


Total bill including taxes :636/-  



Food: Amazingly awesome …. Every other dish on the menu must be prepared with all the love and authenticity. 

Service: No issues at all. Everything was served hot and tasty. 

Staff: Although the table attended was new but owner (I suppose) was keen to help us out in selecting the menu. 

Ambience: It was a mix, it was giving both traditional and urban feel. 

Value for Money: Really worth spending. 

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