Hotel Bagicha Corner, MG Road, Camp, Pune 

Apart from Strawberries, In Mahableshwar there are two things are very well known one is venna lake and the other one is Bagicha. 
If don’t want to travel to Mahableshwar… No worries still you can tickle your taste buds in Pune itself by visiting Bagicha at MG Road 
Beware of fake Bagicha like joints around the city where they serve the famous strawberry with cream or with ice cream.
Visited this place on Sunday 27/12/15. Being a weekend and New Year around the corner the place was jam packed. Luckly we managed to get our table with out any waiting. 

Our order was: Makkai frankie ₹90

Makkai sandwich ₹80 

Fresh Strawberry with ice cream ₹160 

Water bottle (small) ₹10 

Total ₹340

Food: Makkai frankie: Taste wise it was the same as it’s served in Mahableshwar, but bit on a oilier side. Nice crispy outer covering with hot filling within.  
 Makkai Sandwich: It’s a non grill, plain sandwich with a boiled corns tossed in some chatpata spices with a green chutney spread on the slice.  
 Fresh Strawberry with Ice Cream: This is the signature dessert of this place. They have one more variant which is served with Fresh Cream as well. Loads of fresh Strawberry pieces with two Big scoop of fresh Strawberry Ice Cream topped with Strawberry Syrup.  


They serve water bottle and they do charge for it, as the staff informed me about that they don’t have regular purified water. 
Service: It was back to back no issues at all. 

Staff: Friendly, nice, happy to help, but bit noisy, they do talk among themselves very loudly…. Why I don’t know!!! 

Ambience: Although it’s a small place but Nice woody interiors, with regular sitting. 

Value for Money: Considering the Quality and the freshness attached it’s a worth spending. 
Parking: No Parking for the four wheelers and if your lucky you might get parking for two wheelers. 
Extra notes: As it’s a Strawberry season, you will find a Strawberry vendor at the entrance he charges somewhere around ₹240/- Kg. If you buy in bulk say 3-4 Kg he will reduce the prices. Try negotiating. He has really good quality and fresh strawberries comparing to the other vendors on MG Road. Out of the curiosity asked one of the vendor standing near wonderland he quoted me straight ₹100/- per 250 Gms !!!!

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