Date of visit 6 July 2025…. Are you wondering why did I mentioned the year wrong …. It should be 2015 and not 2025 …!!! Yeah this was the same feeling came in to my mind when I was watching my ice cream getting dressed up and decorated….

When I visited this place on 6th July 2015 it was not even listed on the Zomato, I still have the bill kept all these months safely and I was waiting to review it. I tried twice sending the request to add the venue but failed to get it listed….
Recently I was searching for an another ice cream joint where in I came across this place…. So finally it was listed with many lovely reviews from the fellow foodie’s….

Unique way of preparing the ice cream right in front of you, without adding any kind of preservatives, colouring or food essence or for that matter sugar to make this spoonful of magic.
They don’t use stabilisers to make the ice creams, so the ice cream starts melting within 10-15 minutes so it’s no point taking it home.

We tried KIWI KICK ₹150/- and BROWNIE BUZZING ₹150/-

Both the ice creams were just heaven, mouth melting, it was so quickly melted before we could catch the taste and the sweetness of the flavour it was vanished from the taste buds…. So end up having one more spoonful of magic and try to catch the same… Then again…. It goes on…. It’s just Magical….


Ice Creams: Amazingly Magical….. That’s what I call…. Excellent variety, freshly made in front of you, without any guilt you can have more as they have natural sugar in it. The ice creams are delectably smooth without any lumps or ice crystals.
Service: Superb, nicely done and served with smile.
Staff: Super clean and they handle everything very carefully, not in a hurry they take they time to prepare.
Ambience: Single shutter shop but very colourful and lively.
Value for money: Its a magic with a technology so prices gonna be on higher side but mind it, it’s not roadside kulfi wala or for that matter any multinational ice cream brand… The price you pay is for the innovation, freshness, tenderness, and the most important is its the consistency of quality. It’s really worth paying for the goodness of magic…..


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