Malaka Spice Winter menu review

Malaka Spice has always been following its tradition this time it was an upcoming winter menu. I was really pleased to share table of tasting panel with my foodie friends. The evening started with a small briefing and announcements by the passionate owner and the host for the dinner Mr. Praful about Malaka Spice’s new upcoming restaurant branches. This time’s winter menu is inspired by Japan, Cambodia and Korea with some twist and turn using the Head Chef Ranjeet culinary skills.

1. Siem reap soup (Veg) (185/-): This Soup is inspired from Cambodia’s and it is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia and a popular resort town as the gateway to Angkor region. It has Chunky Tomatoes, Onion, Spring Onion leaves, Cooked in Tamarind and Palm sugar. I found it very similar to our own Rasam. According to me If it would have been bit thicker it would have been perfect for the winter dinner’s. 


2. Green mango smoked fish and sun dried shrimp salad (220/-): For Veg only the shredded Green mango was served. I suggest they can add fresh Basil or Mint leaves or both depending on the Chef. 


3. Lotus root and chicken Tofu salad in galangal dressing (Veg)(220/-): Instead of Chicken it was replaced with Chunky and soft Tofu. I doubt this might not flash on the winter menu. 


4. Bindae heok (moong bean pancake)(190/-): I found it bit dry, Missing on spices, Not that appealing from the aroma point of view as well. 


5. Tofu katsu (285/-): Japanese inspired dish and was the star of the show….Square pieces, Crispy, Golden Brown with tender tofu inside sprinkled with Malaka Spice sauce made this dish Must have on the Menu types… From here onwards mainly Non-Veg Dishes were served so can’t really comment… although the for me as I was starving they gave their best dish from the current menu “Top Hats” I was glad they served me that!!!  


6. *Chicken katsu

7. Gamja-dong (340/-)

8. Korokke (280/-)

9. *Buff tongkatsu  


10. Lamb bulgogi (340/-)

11. Chicken yakitori (340/-)

12. River Fish with green mango and green tamarind salsa (450/-)

13. Goujojon prawns (535/-)

14. Stir fried squid with green peppercorn and lotus stem (470/-)

15. Busot bokum (285/-): In the event of serving the main course I got an chance to sneak a peek on this dish… Originally this dish’s base ingredient is Mushrooms. But this dish was mixed with some Raw Veggies stir fried… Need to serve it Hot…

16. Pumpkin and spicy basil stir fried (210/-): Another stir fried dish… this time it was Pumpkin and Basil with load of pepper which needs to be reduced so that the sweetness of pumpkins is also felt towards the end.

17. Japchae Noodles (350/-): It was quite bland in taste… Japchae is one of Korea’s most festive dishes! Key ingredients in original Japchae are spinach, red bell pepper, green onions, carrots, onions and many more all tossed with Glass noodles. Here we were served with flat noodles with very less ingredients. It didn’t appeal to me very much. 


18. Oyoko don (360/-)

19. Kimchi fried rice (285/-): For this recipe a day old cooked rice is used tossed finely chopped veggies in Sesame oil and its on a milder side of spiciness. Overall it will be a good bet to put it in the winter menu.

20. Spicy tofu stew (285/-): For this dish spiciness can be increased… rest everything was fine and it was going well with Kimchi rice.

21. Lamb pumpkin and coconut curry (520/-) 


22. Cambodia’s famous fish amok (520/-)

  • Desserts:

23. Peanut butter tart with tree gum (190/-): Nice n Crispy, Using Tree gum is the USP of this dish, which is good for the health in winter. Peanut butter was mixed well with the Gum. 


24. Lemongrass and kaffir lime mousse with licorice tea (190/-): This dish is made for each other wherein Mousse was mouth melting with a crunch base to it made perfect standalone with the licorice tea gave after feeling effect…. Excellent dish to be part of the dessert menu. 


25. Expresso parfait (190/-): I call this dish a Heaven. Chef has put tremendous efforts to make this dish so delicious and appear-able. You have to discover the secret just beneath the expresso foam within the whole chocolate shape cup…. once you scoop it till the end and have it…. then you feel its Heaven!!! and only one sound comes up Hmmmmm !!  


26. Pineapple fantasy (160/-): It’s a combination of Custard, Pineapple juice, with Cake as an island with a Canned Pineapple Slice on the top making it a perfect for the winter menu. 


27. Deconstructed five star (160/-): Look wise it was awesome but Taste wise it was similar to the Five star Chocolate with the crunchiness of Butterscotch and caramel… it didn’t appeal to me much although. 


Overall….. Fulfilled evening with Exotic food preparation made by the Chef…. I really appreciate the efforts and the devotion of all the Team Malaka Spice… for giving us a privileged to be the part of the taste panel for the winter menu. This Review is the part of the Winter Menu Food Test Panel.


* This Dishes didn’t made it to the final Winter Menu.

* NON VEG Dishes are without any descriptions.

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